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Scheduling problem?

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I scheduled a recording of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly on IFC (559) last week and it didn't record, history showed it canceled because the channel was no longer available (I think that was the message). I went to channel 559 and the channel was working so I setup a recording of the next two showings to be safe. Checked yesterday and neither show recorded and nothing in history about a failure. A search did not show any future showings yesterday, but I did a search on the DTV site just now and it is schedule to show Jul 25th 5:00 am. So I scheduled a recording online today.

Anyone know what the problem might be or what I can do to make sure it records this time?
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My guess is because the DVR knew it had missed the first recordings it automatically set up a recording for the next showing itself. Thes recordings that are set up automatically by the DVR tend to now show up in the to do list at all, but they do end up recording.

Also I believe there is a known error in the fact that smart search for some reason is not correctly showing all of the search results that it should. Or at least I think that was a problem in one of the recent releases, can't remember if it's still there in the latest national release or not.

I would recommend going into the guide and going to channel 559. Then use the green button and directional arrows to go ahead in the guide to 5am on the 25th and see if the show appears in the guide and if it shows the red record symbol next to it.
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