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Yeah, this SD Only is a MAJOR PAIN for me.

I have my HR22 receiver's HDMI going to my AV receiver in my living room and I also use the S-Video output which goes to a tuner card in one of my PCs in my second room (my 'office' if you will).

So now, when I'm in my office watching TV via S-video on my PC and have my AV receiver off, the HR22 wants to reset to SD. Before the HD update everything worked perfect. The receiver never forced reset to SD just because I only was using S-video.

Now I have to reset the HD Resolution every freeking time I change between watching in my computer room and my living room. And turning back on each resolution takes multiple button presses forcing the HDMI handshake reset each resolution. It's takes nearly five minutes of button pressing to get them all turned back on.

DirecTV, please remove this horrible forcing of SD/HD. Let us manage how our receivers function!
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