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Back when we were having problems with the Seagates not being recognized after they went to sleep, I like many others here set mine to never sleep. I've been unplugging the power cord so it doesn't run all the time.

We have a pair Heath/Zenith RF controlled outlets for accent lamps that work great so I thought I'll try that. It worked like a champ. Turn it off and the 622 pops up the "You have Disconnected..." message. Click OK, wait a bit, turn it on and the 622 recognizes it and we're in business. So I takes me off to Home Depot and get another one.

Because we have a pair for lamps the controller is a dual dealy with DIP switches so I put the new one on the Seagate. It turns the EHD on and off fine. The 622 will not recognize it. Even if I turn on the EHD and then turn on the 622. Even if I do a front panel. I didn't do a power reset. I plugged it back into the old Heath/Zenith outlet and it worked fine.

And yes, the outlets are the same model. SL-6011-RX.

Any thoughts on this? Not a major deal but sure a curious one. I may play with it some more today.
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