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Search Codes in the HR21

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I've read the list of codes that you can type in to the search function on the HR21 a couple of times on this site, but now I can't seem to find it (or remember the name of the thread), you know, the ones like "30SKIP".

Can someone reply with a link to the thread that lists these, or just give me a hint on what they're called so that I can search for them??

Thanks so much and sorry to create a thread on this topic.
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The only ones are 30SKIP / 30SLIP to select the one you want and "IAMANEDGECUTTER" and that will allow you to turn on "sort by" so when you change your sort by option in "My Playlist" it will save.

For 30SKIP / 30SLIP do a keyword search for either one-->continue and then exit.

For "Sort By" you need to do a keyword search for "IAMANEDGECUTTER"-->continue-->all-->when it finds nothing press and hold the menu and info buttons on the front of the receiver (not remote) together for 2 seconds. A hidden menu will pop up and you can turn it on.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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