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"searching for authorized content"

At least that is what I think I remember the message being.

You all might want to watch out for this, I almost had to reboot but I was lucky.

I have my HR20 set up to record anything with Purdue in it, hoping that it will catch all football or basketball games. But apparently the HR20 doesn't care about what channels I told it are in my preference so it recorded the Purdue Penn game on a channel I don't subscribe to. I did not know that when looking at the MyVOD list so I selected the game on Sat afternoon thinking that I would crack open a beer and watch the game. When I did that the screen went black and a message popped up at the bottom "searching for authorized content" or something close to that. I figure it must of recorded something that I was not authorized to watch, no big deal, I will just go back and watch something else from the MyVOD list. I hit list and the MyVOD list came up and for lack of a better term the entire screen was "grayed out" you know that look like in windows when a window or fields is blocked from input, the same kind of thing happened here. I could not use any buttons to go anywhere, no arrows, I could not exit, nothing. I could see that the cursor was highlighting the game on the MyVOD list so as a last resort I hit dash-dash to see if it would delete it. It did, and the interface became usable again. Luckily this game was at the top of the MyVOD list, I am afraid that if it were the next item down it would of required a reboot as the navigation buttons were locked up.

D* here are 3 bugs for you.

1. Don't record, search, etc stations that I have filtered out in my preferences
2. If content is recorded that is not authorized for this account, don't lock up the interface when we go to the MyVOD list.
3. How about not recording anything if the content is not authorized for this account. If we are not allowed to watch it because we don't subscribe to it, why do you let the box record it in the first place?
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