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Hello. Hoping you might be able to help or point me in the right direction. I had an HR20 hooked up with a cavalry 750gig external drive with about 25 season passes/series links. It died so they sent me an HR21-700 plus a free am21 OTA tuner to get my locals in HD like I had with the HR20.

Although I lost all my recordings, the series links remained. This week we are adding in the other shows to record for this season and what is showing as a "to do" recording in the to do list does not match the episode list in the prioritizer and does not match shows in the guide.

For example, Two & a Half Men is set up as link for for all first runs. In prioritizer then episodes, I see where it is set to record next monday. The following monday 10/6 is listed, but it doesn't show that it will record it, I have to manually add it to record even though it is marked as a first run. This is not the only show, Worst Week is like this as are others. However, they are only shows on the OTA tuner and does it with series link already set up from last year as well as new ones for this year.

The new setup has been online for about 3 days, does it take longer to completely populate with data?

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