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Season Pass programs being cancelled/not recording

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In the past week, all my season pass shows on my 1 HD DVR (for my kids play room) have not recorded. I believe it is connected to the remote scheduler. All my shows are marked to record, but are then cancelled. I go the list of my to do list and it shows all shows as cancelled by user. This is ONLY for shows I set thru remote scheduler (yes they are kids shows). Right now my history list is a mile wide with shows that have been marked cancelled.

I tried going in and deleting all season passes, they all delete. Next I set up a new one, and it goes to no. 3 on the prioritized list even though there is no 1 or 2 listed.??!

I tried resetting the machine, but now I cannot even schedule a new season pass. The new season passes I set up, only show 1 item in the to do list as well, not the whole season.

I just tried to go to DVR scheduler online but it shows as down.

Anyone else having this issue?
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It will only show 1 episode set to record when you first set it up (Or at least that's what mine always do). They should be added in later. And sometimes, I have to babysit and go in add them manually.
My upstairs one shows just the name of the show ie, House with the multiple orange circles with the "R". This one shows the first episode name and that is all.

Something is up, b/c I had nothing set to record and it lists this 1 item as priority 3 on my priority list. This never happened until using the remote scheduler.
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