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Season Premier West Wing - Spoiler!!!

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SO what did you think of the 2 hour season premier? I think it was pretty good, especially the part at the end where Donna showed them all the missed opportunities during the trip, but they get the pearls of wisdom from the Dad at the Bar.

Obviously the season will have quite a bit of "Running theme" between the presidental race and the conflict with Qumar.

Like that they brought Leo's daughter back (since Ainsley Hayes/Emily Proctor is now on CSI:Miami) They never let the story unfold about Sam and Leo's daughter, hopefully it will not fall by the wayside this time

If this season keep with the premier, it should be much better than last season which I felt floundered.
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of course it will fall by the wayside-sam is a lame duck character this season(he's gone by march so lowe can become even more famous on the next usa extravaganza...lol)
Well.... The writers needed help with their geography. Deerborn County (anywhere in Deerborn County) is within 30 minute to 1 hour drive to a major airport. You have the Nothern Ky/Greater Cincinnati International Airport--a hub for Delta and supporting more than 10 other airlines (with no less than 15 daily flights to D.C.). Or you have the Dayton International Airport which is a secondary hub to US Air. And 1½-2 hours from the Indianapolis International Airport. Also within a 2 hour drive you have Ft. Wayne, In, Columbus, Oh, Louisville, Ky and maybe even Lexington, KY (after you drive past CVG!).

Interstate 74 and U.S. RT 52 run through Deerborn county, IN (And Connersville--where they caught the train--which runs through Dayton, Columbus, OH and Indianapolis) and at its furthest point, you can get to Downtown Cncinnati within 45 minutes.

What they did get right is that Deerborn county DOES observe Daylight savings time while most of the rest of the state does not! When Josh went banannas and started asking "What do commuters do? Change their watches everytime they drive back and forth?" was funny. But Deerborn County observes Daylight savings time exactly because they DON'T want to change their watches back and forth when they do business with Cincinnati. Most of the Deerborn county population either works in Ohio or is linked more to Ohio than to the rest of Indiana. BTW Ohio County, In and some...yes only some of Switzerland County, IN also observe the "devil's time" for the same reason. And...there are no military bases in that area (Unless you count the bombing range in Madison County.)

So...I liked the episode anyway. But GET A MAP guys! :)

Not that it's a surprise, but I like the fact that Lilly Tomlin is coming back to TV. So, I wonder if when he makes a call for the President she will say "One ringy-dingy.....Two...Oh hello...is this the person to whom I am speaking?"

See ya
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tony, tony, tony-these ARE hollywood script writers, after all...lol
My Brother lives in Indiana and I have given up trying to figure out what time it is when I call him. I just love the fact that they had the tantrums in front of the girls on bikes. Added to the insanity of the scene :D
just caught the premiere(TGFPVR)and love that the first thing someone says to rob lowe is "you're not spose to be here!"...lol

sorkin must be back on the hash because the writing is much better....
btw-lily tomlin rules....
I was hoping that the teaser from last season was going to become to reality. So her saving grace was that she had a sense of humor and would not badmouth her previous boss.
and that she remembers obscure facts....

but does she type???
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