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Second receiver recommendations

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I'm looking for some advice on adding a receiver to my setup.

Currently I have a 622 in the LR that hooks via HDMI to a 60" HDTV. Then I run the component cables to the next room to hook to a 21" HDTV in my office. I've had this setup over two years.

Now, I'm almost through finishing an addition which has a dedicated home theater and another room where my office will move into. (These rooms are next to each other).

I'm assuming I will move my 622 to the theater so I can watch HD on the big screen and run the component to the office for the 21" HDTV. Then I'll add a 612 to the LR and swap/share programs with the EHD I have already activated for a while now.

So, my question is if this setup sounds right and what is the best (cheapest way) to add the second receiver (I'll need it installed due to an attic run to the addition). Are there any promotions? Lease or buy? Etc...?
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Call Dish, or whoever installed your first receiver.
You can sign in to your Dish account on line and in the equipment area see what offers might be available to you. It varies.
I'll give dish a call.

I guess my setup sounds right?
Papa said:
I'll give dish a call.

I guess my setup sounds right?
I just added a 612 to my system and it's working fine...well, as fine as any of these computers work.;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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