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I'm new to your forum.

I currently watch Dish Network using a Echostar 3900 Receiver and record programs with a Toshiba VHS HiFi VCR.

I'm considering purchasing a PVR501 as a replacement, under the "$199/buy the top basic package for 12 months" deal from Dish.

I've read various posts across this site about problems people have experienced with the 501.

I'd really appreciate any information people are willing to share regarding the following, as I further contemplate the purchase:

1 - Summary of 501 problems that remain following the most recent software upgrade...

2 - ...Now that the software has been upgraded (at least for some people), do you feel that the $199 Dish deal is worth it for someone who really doesn't want to spend more on a 721

3 - Any idea whether Dish will continue to run the $199 deal after 4/30/02 (will it get better in light of release of 721 or other new receivers).

4 - Any word on availability/price/performance of 508 (and is the 508 basically the same receiver as 501 with a larger hard drive).

Thanks in advance for any replies to this post.


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Answering your questions in no particular order....

* The 501 is fairly stable, although there are some minor bugs. (Some people have had more problems with the 501 than others)
* The only difference between the 501 and the 508 is the size of the hard drive. Firmware is otherwise the same.
* No idea if the offer will be extended from April 30th.

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Hi Bosko, Welcome to DBSTalk. This is a good forum to frequent regarding Dish Network and the 501. :)

I personally have a 501 and love it, I like it so much that I plan on buying the 721 as soon as it's released. I want the 721 for the dual tuners. Now to your questions.

1. Bosko, I've only had a couple issues with my 501, nothing that the power reset didn't take care of. Just simply push in the POWER ON button and hold for 5 sec's and it resets the 501.
Since the upgrade, I've only read of some timer bugs. These bugs generally are not even found by the general user, it's the power user that finds them.......there doing multiple things with the 501, with many timers set. I just love his upgrade, the Search and Caller ID are wonderful.

2. Yes, I would recommend it.

3. I couldn't tell ya how long Dish will run this promo. I doubt Dish will drop the price anymore ......IMO.

4. Were all waiting on that info as well, I'm going to speculate that Dish might charge as much as $100.00 more for the 508. I've often wondered if Dish would just discontinue the 501 shortly after the 508 comes out.

Bosko, I would highly recommend the 501, it changed the way I watch TV and I love it. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. :) Let us know if you decide to purchase a 501, I would like to here back from you.

One other thing, now that I have the 501, I give my VCR to my kids, I don't use it anymore.

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I started looking at the dishplayer a year or so ago, and decided against it because of problems. After much debate, we made the decision to take the plunge with the 501, and the 12 months of AT150. We LOVE it! In fact, we replaced a 5000 receiver, and I was a bit hesitant because the 5000 was so reliable. We don't know how we ever watched TV without the 501.

As far as problems, one night the channels were changing real sloooow, so I called Dish, did the reset (holding the power button for a few seconds), and it's been fine ever since. We just got the 153 software, and still have all the recordings, and timers intact.

I think the 501 is worth the $199 price. If Dish has any close outs on the 501 when the 508 is released, I'm buying one. For us, the hard drive is big enough.

If you're happy with Dish, and want to do the AT150, my suggestion is to go for it. I don't think you'll be unhappy.

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