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Selecting tuner to record show

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During the day I watch TV-1 and Record on Tuner-2. At night I want to watch TV-2 and record on Tuner-1, but I can not set future recordings so this happens. All recordings go on Tuner-2 except when there are two programs scheduled at the same time and date. When I set a LIVE program to record, I can set which tuner records the program. Why can't we set which tuner records when setting future recordings from the Guide? This feature would be very useful. I don't think it would be hard to write the code to do this since it's already completed for live recording.

I asked Dish, but received a response that didn't answer the question, like they didn't understand.
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Press Menu,8 (preferences),5 (Record Plus). By default this feature is enabled and sends all recordings to TV2. Two options here:

1. You could try swapping this back and forth during the day to direct the recordings to the appropriate TV for you current watching. I have never tried this though, it may end up confusing the receiver - also pretty annoying.

2. Disable this feature. When this feature is disabled as long as only one show is recording at a time it will record in the room where the show was originally scheduled to record. So setup your morning recordings on TV2 and they'll record in there. Setup your evening recordings from TV1 and they'll record in there.

VDP07's suggestion is recommended too if you only even watch one TV at a time. It has the added benefit of PIP capabilities as well.
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