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Self-installing a 5 LNB dish and HR22 DVR

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Just installed a new 5 LNB dish and HR22 receiver. I bought the 5 LNB dish from an eBay vendor ($78), and I got the HR22-100 from Best Buy ($200).

This post: http://www.dbstalk.com/showpost.php?p=1194131&postcount=44
was a lot of help. I used the instruction manual from the link on his post.

This was my first install of a 5 LNB dish. It was a little trickier to align than the old 3 LNB, but not difficult at all.

Here's a pic of the 3 LNB next to the new 5 LNB (installed on garage) -

I used the signal meters on the new HR22 to align the dish. I had the HR22 plus a small TV right on the roof, so I could watch the signals in real time. I think that made the alignment job a whole lot easier.

Upon initial startup of the HR22 in my house, it downloaded software update and did a few more things, which took about 15 minutes. I then did the activation.

I initially forgot to add the B-Band Converters, so I was not getting any HD after activation, but the two BBC's are included in the HR22 box and once I added them, all HD channels worked perfectly.

All in all, not too difficult. I woulda let DirecTV do the install, but they were pushing me out about 6 weeks, ugh. Plus, this way I am assured of having a brand new HR22 and I know the signal strengths are right on the money.

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harsh said:
....Those should be screws through the siding into studs. Eight penny nails aren't all that reliable even if there are ten of them....
Those are 10 3" screws, that go through the plywood into studs.

Is drip loop needed for icing?

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