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The first World Cup in Asia already is memorable after one game, a huge upset.

Senegal, in its first appearance on the world's most-watched sporting stage, shocked defending champion France 1-0 Friday night (Friday morning EDT) in Seoul, South Korea (news - web sites).

Papa Bouba Diop put in a left-footed kick on a rebound while he was lying down in front of the French net. From there, the upstart Africans held on, helped greatly by France hitting goalposts and the crossbar.

And by goalkeeper Tony Sylva, who made a half-dozen key saves.

"It made me very happy. I've always dreamed of this," Diop said of his - and his nation's - feat.

Diop's West African nation rejoiced after the win. Men, women and children ran and danced through the oceanside capital of Dakar, with Senegal's red, green and yellow flag streaming from outstretched hands. Drivers leaned on horns, not even trying to move forward through traffic jams in the city's sudden euphoria.

The government called off school for Senegal's first-ever World Cup match, saying no one could be expected to study.


Wow! What a great start to the tournament...at least for those of us not cheering for France What an upset!

France looked tentative all game. You could tell in flashes that they have more talent than Senegal, but they just didn't play up to their ability.

Senegal, OTOH, was just hard-working and tenacious -- especially in their defending. Some bold goalkeeping by Sylva too And, they seemed to have luck on their side -- shots going off the posts, etc.

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Originally posted by John Corn
I'm not into Lacrosse and Soccer that much.
That was a huge upset by Senegal to start the World Cup.
I prefer Baseball, Football, BasketBall. :)
I was lucky enough to live in Brazil for a short time during the early/mid 1970,s and use to see Pele` play ( before any americans knew who he was ) and watch the whole country go wild when Brazil would score.

It is strange to see so many american football fans slam Soccer
as a sport when it has a HUGE and dominant following around the world. Those people eat, breath and have soccer blood in their bodies .. LOL

I guess more americans should travel the globe and experience different cultures.
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