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Series Link / Prioritizer Questions from new user

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I just had the Hr20-700 installed yesterday and have been playing with it to try and figure things out. My previous DVR was Ultimate TV, and this is quite a bit different. Here's the first of probably many questions to come:

1. I tried to set up Dancing with the Stars as a series link. I hit record twice in the guide for the show on 10/24. But that's the only episode it flagged to record. It is on Tue and Wed, each week, but it didn't flag any of the other showings. When I tried to hit record twice on the Wed show, it would only let me hit it once. I finally just did the rest of them manually. Any suggestions as to what's wrong, or what I'm doing wrong.

2. For those programs that I was able to successfully set up as a series, I'm confused as to how they are showing up in the prioritizer. For instance, in my "To Do" list, Lost is scheduled to record on 10/25 and 11/1. However, if I go to the Prioritizer, Lost says "None Scheduled". What does that mean?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with these questions.

This is quite a bit different than Ultimate, so I've got a learning curve here.
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For #1) In the guide did it look like an R next to it, or an R)))

If it was R))) it set it up as a series link.
When you setup a series link, the unit immediately schedules the first episode.
The remaining episodes will fill in at a later time when the background scheduler runs.

#2) Same as #1... the background scheduler fills in the details in the prioritizer
Check out the "Tips and Tricks" document here ....
You can also note the time of the showing that won't record, go to the ToDo list and see if there are any conflicts. If there are, you can use the pritiozier to move up the priority of the recording that you want. (note that it will take a few hours to be updated though)
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