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Weekend storms apparently knocked out my access to 103c. No access to locals or any new HD channels, so I placed a service call for this morning for 8-12. Got a call last evening verifying the appointment and to call back if it was wrong. Great Got a call about 9AM this morning stating that he should be there around 11. Great. 11:20 guy calls says he is 10 minutes out. Great. 11:21 Bluegrass calls and asks if I've talked to tech, I said he is on his way. 11:35 Tech shows up. By this time my signal comes back on those channels but still is no higher than 80.

He says his meter reads in the high 90s. he tightens the cables on the ground block, and checks the MS. Says that is all fine and my signals are about as high as they are gonna get. I tell him that I know that signals can be received higher than that especially with my clear line of sight. He reboots the box(On a side note I actually had to unplug that box in the morning because it was completely unresponsive). While it is rebooting we discuss this website and various things that he was unaware of that were enabled. Says Bluegrass doesn't teach them anything. Anyways the box comes back up and the signals are still the same. By this time he knows I'm no dumby. He goes out and replaces the ground block and all connection to it. Says didn't like the way it looked and that could be the cause of the degraded reading. Complains that Bluegrass made him give up his personally bought crimpers for company ones that are now his(Makes no sense to me).

I check the signal levels and the are still the same. He finally goes back up to tweak the dish. Takes about 10 minutes doing that and also places a couple self tapping screws in the collars for the monopoles. I check the signal levels and now most are in the upper 90s with only a couple in the upper 80s. I'm happy with that. That would have been his last shot anyways had it not been cause I had to get my son to his Tball game. I tipped him a $10, reiterated this website as a good plce to learn about the things they are not telling him about and followed him out the driveway.

Over all a good experience and quite happy except for the timing but that all worked out.

Now I just have to get someone back out to my parents new install and have them actually ground it. Not just run the grounding wire under the aluminum siding. :nono: But that is a sperate thread. :hurah:

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