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Setanta Sport Channel on dishlatino for free?

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Hi guys i have subscribed Setanata for some time now with a fee of 15bucks, on top of my 250 top chan. and the 10bucks HD pack, now i called customer service about gol tv and they said that they canced their contract because gol tv asked too much money,and they also said that they were working on it to get gol tv back of course i dont beleave them they just stalling.A also asked them why dishlatino had Setanta added to their package and i had to pay for it, and they said that Setanta was just a preview for the summer i got yet to see that ,than they ofered me a month of Setanta free, i told them to give me ESPNdeports which they gave me Dishlatino Bonus Pack worth of about 13bucks for one month free which also includes Setanta Sports Channel. i'm yet to see that setanta is a preview because Prevew channels always sais, (this is a Preview channel) where programe guide is.i'll wait and see if the setanta is included in dishlatino i will cancel Setanta and keep Dishlatino pack.any clues of what's going on with Dish?
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First I heard about it being a 'preview'. I just recently added the latino pack so I get Setanta now, as well as ESPN Deportes.

I'm gonna say its possible since the Big 10 network was a 'preview' for everyone last year and then it moved into the sports pack only (cept for those in the big10 market).
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