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I have a setup at home with multiple TVs and Dish VIP-722 distributing TV1 and TV2 throughout my home. I realize this is a "bit" antiquated setup but it works well for my needs. I use a Dish TV2 IR Converter Kit to enable IR control of TV2.

The TV2 Remote ID is ID #7. Here's the issue, I have Logitech Harmony 550 remotes to control my setup. Logitech has removed the instructions from the website for changing the Remote ID of the remote when programming these remotes (the 550 is no longer supported fully) and I am unable to add new remotes which I'm attempting to do. I've tried "Confirming commands" from existing remotes but this is not working.

Does anyone know how to change the remote ID for IR commands in Logitech Harmony 500 series (510, 520, 550) remotes? If so, please send me the information!

Thank you!!
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