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setting up disk queue w/Blockbuster at home

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I searched and couldn't find anything on this particular problem, so I thought I'd ask the group

I signed up for [email protected] yesterday (got a 1/2 price for 6 month deal). The TV channels went active last night. This morning I go in to setup my DVD queue and get a "click here to add this programming or to complete your registration" type message (not those exact words, but that's what it boiled down to). That makes sense so I have an 'ah ha' moment & figure I need to 'complete registration'

Well I click here and it calls up my current programming and shows BB at home is subscribed to. But nothing to 'complete registration'. I search around a bit and find that once I have the programming, there should be a box of some sort on the left side of my page with a 'complete registration' box (and showing the number of titles in my queue). Well, despite having the programming, the box isn't there.

So am I missing something? Maybe the offer doesn't give me disks at home? I've sent an IM to one of the DIRT members, but until I get a reply, I'm wondering if anyone might have a suggestion of something I've overlooked. Thanks
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Thanks-clicking that brought me back to the [email protected] sign in page...that that leads me back to the 'my programming' page to add bb to my account LOL

(was certainly worth a shot though)
garys said:
You should be able to sign into [email protected] directly using the same sign in you have for you Dish account and DishOnline site.
Tried that...entering sign in ID & password leads me back this:

To get Blockbuster @Home included with your subscription, sign up for DISH today!
Already a Blockbuster @Home subscriber?
To set up your Queue, just complete your registration. Or Visit Us for full details.
To subscribe, call 1-800-333-DISH or visit dishnetwork.com.
Charise said:
Is there anything on the left side of the "My Account" page now? It's towards the bottom in red letters. It took me a while to find it because it's in different type and size.
Nope...nothing below the "Was this page helpful?" box and the big black section of corporate links at the very bottom
garys said:
Under My Account, go to My Billing. See if this lists it.
Nope, not there
Thanks for posting that Charise. Nope, not getting that que info line anywhere. It actually was one of the DIRT member who activated this for me...I've written her and will just wait for her to run interference for me.

I'm sure it'll all work out. DIRT iz good :D

Charise said:
Time for DIRT to intervene then. I think that's the problem--that something went wrong and you aren't getting this on the left side of the accounts screen:

My Account

My Game Finder
My Billing
My Profile
My Programming
My Equipment
My Appointments
My Shipments
My Pay-Per-View Certificates
My Referrals
My Offers
My Locks
Refer My Friend
Order Pay-Per-View
Order From Store
Restart My Service

Blockbuster @Home® (inside a red box)

Titles in Queue: 16
Manage My Queue (inside another red box)

Was this page helpful?

Yes No Somewhat
Damn! Epix is part of that pkg...and in activating it on my Roku, it's telling me that I'm in a 14 day free trial and after that will need to subscribe
DIRT member sent me notice that there's a technical glitch interfering with some of us being able to complete blockbuster registration. He has submitted a claim report for me and says it could take a couple days to fix. I'm betting that also takes care of the Roku problem as well

No problem, thanks Ray
It appears everything is fixed

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