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Setting Up Receiver for Lakehouse

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I have been gradually upgrading my system with the most recent receiver change-outs being the replacement of a H21 with a H24 and an HR20 with the HR34. With the HR34 change Directv installed a SWM16 in my attic. So, I am getting ready to make a trip to the lakehouse and I usually take one of my H21's with me. I just realized that this H21 is SWM connected and my setup at the lakehouse is old triple LNB dish. A couple of questions: 1) What is going to happen when I hook up the H21 configured for SWM to the triple LNB dish?; and 2) Can I pre-configure the H21 non-SWM configuration by attaching it to a Legacy port on the SWM16? Thanks in advance for all of the great advice on this forum.
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I do a similar process when I take one of my receivers from my home (multi room DVR) and use it in my RV. I just do a new setup each time to switch between multi switch and swm. I have never had any issues.
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