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According to those that keep up with such things, millions of HDTV sets were sold in 2006, and many of them in the last few days of the year. Comcast cable, the nation's largest MCVP reports they have been overwhelmed by a record number of year-end orders for new HD set-top boxes and HD DVRs. But chances are many, if not most of these new HD set owners won't know how to set up their new wide-screen tvs and some will be greatly disappointed with the picture quality, or lack, thereof.

There is plenty of help available from sites like AVSForum.com and, of course, here at DBSTalk.com, but one must sift through a lot of verbiage in order to get to the essence of what it takes to properly connect, set up and fine tune an HD tv display. While it's not "rocket surgery", setting up a new tv is no longer as easy as it used to be when a screw-on "F" cable or simple a/v connectors would do the job. There is new terminology to learn, and more importantly, to understand.

Thanks to the help available from HDTV-specific web sites such as www.hdtvmagazine.com and www.bigpicturebigsound.com, HD novices can take a look "under the hood" of their new HD tv display, so to speak, to get an idea of whether to be content with just a so-so or marginal picture, or really get into the "nuts and bolts" of HDTV set-up and adjustment in order to get the most out of their investment in home entertainment.

Home Theater Web Site Educates Consumers on How To Set Up an HDTV

Article series from Big Picture Big Sound demystifies the specs, language and connections of advanced display devices

New York, NY - December 29, 2006 - The home theater web site "Big Picture Big Sound" has published a series of articles today designed to help new HDTV owners set up and configure their displays to maximize performance and increase owner satisfaction.

"With plummeting prices of flat panel, rear projection and front projection televisions, this has been the year that many families have brought HDTV home" says site founder and editor, Chris Boylan. "But because of the confusing nature of the technology, many new HDTV owners are underwhelmed with their purchases and buyer's remorse is already setting in."

In an effort to help consumers understand the technology and see these new displays in their best possible light (thereby encouraging HDTV adoption), Big Picture Big Sound has published a series of articles intended to simplify the specifications, language, connections and configuration of a high definition television, so that consumers will be able to get the best possible performance out of their chosen set.

The article series, entitled "How to Hook Up that Fancy New HDTV", is in three parts:

Part I - The Numbers Game - HDTV formats and resolution.

Part II - Hooking Up Your HDTV

Part III - HDTV Calibration and Tweaks

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