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I’m getting ready to rejoin the ranks of D* and I’m looking at a set up that’s somewhat non-standard and I’d like some constructive criticism on ways to accomplish my goals. I have RG6 “home runs” from each TV location and 4 RG6 cables coming into the house from the Dish location.

My desire is to have all the receivers (3) mounted in the location where the cable runs terminate and switch them via Rf remote. I want 2 HD receivers and 1 SD receiver all with split outputs going to 2 TV’s each (I know that the program will be the same on both).

Some questions I have off the top of my head: Are SD receivers Rf remote capable? Can a split output from an HD receiver go to 1 HD TV and one SD TV? Not exactly sure what a multiswitch does, but is this a correct application, or should I use regular splitters? Is there a better way to do all this? I have Cat5 runs to all the locations, would IR over Cat5 be better than Rf remotes?

In case anyone is asking why… I have 3 primary viewing locations, living room, family room, bed room. I also have 3 occasional viewing locations that I don’t want extra receivers for, garage, bar area, guest room.

Thanks all.
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Thanks for the quick replies. Looks like I need to rethink this a little.

What if I put the 2 HD receivers with their respective TV's. I'll centrally locate the 3rd receiver and split the output. If I read correctly, SD receivers are not Rf remote capable so if I get a third HD receiver, I can set it up for Rf switching with as many remoptes as I care to buy.

Any idea on how much D* would hit me up for 3 HD receivers on an initial install? Will they make me buy Rf remotes seperately or will they upgrade me for minimal or no cost?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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