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Setup of slimline dish with old standard receivers

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I am new to the forums haven't installed a satellite for about 5 years since we moved to our new home(3LNB Sony Oval Dish). Can I set up the new Slimline 5 LNB dish with the standard receiver or do I have to have the HD receiver to set it up properly(signal levels,etc.). I would like to do the antenna installation myself due to horror stories about direct installers. The four cables are already at the antenna and a multiswitch swap out at my cable hub would all that would be required. Any help would be appreciated.
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You'd need a HD box to verify peak reception on 103 and 99 sats. But you can always start with peaking on the 101 on an SD box. Once you hit 95+ you'll be pretty close.
SD68 said:
Which transponder should the receiver be set to during set up?
One of the non spotbeam ones I guess. Start with #2 peak it and then finda lowwer one and repeat.
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