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Going from SD to HD with a few questions. Current setup is 4 SD DVRs and 1 SD receiver (9 tuners). What I want from Directv right now is:
- Install a SL3-S SWM (single wire) - More on this later
- Install one HD DVR
- Retire one SD DVR

1. Do I have the option of pole mount versus on the house (brick) mount?

Either would work, but I prefer pole mount. Since on the house mount would be easier for the installer and if he won't do a pole mount, I'll do the pole install myself before he gets here if necessary. Do they generally bring a pole to the work site? Can I request a pole when ordering? Bottom line - how do I get them to do a pole install?

2. Over the next several months I'm down sizing from my current 9 SD tuners to 5 HD tuners. Immediately, I want to replace one SD DVR with one HD DVR. Essentially, what I want from Directv right now would the same as a new customer install with 1 HD DVR. That would be the SL3-S.

My current dish is in the back yard. I'm cutting down a tree and the new dish will be next to the house. In the meantime, I'm leaving the current dish up, have the new dish installed and eventually retire the old dish.

When I call Directv to order my immediate HD install of 1 HD DVR (2 tuner, not HR34), based on my current setup, they're going to set me up with a SL3 (4 wire) install. I don't want this, in several months it won't even be necessary. So how do I get the SL3-S? Can I talk the installer into it - can he do it if the work order specifies SL3? Can I tell Directv that I'm retiring all my DVRs and receiver and will only have one DVR? And then not cancel them after the install is done. (I don't like to lie).

I'm smelling a self install coming, which leads me to my next question.

3. I've studied several meters and it doesn't look like they are really set up for a SL3-S install (except the Directv AIM meter which is $500). So, my question is, can I just use the DVR to peak the signal, and do it just as accurately as a meter?

4. Assuming I do a self install: I've looked at several AU9 Dish Installation manuals, SWM Training manuals and SWM installation videos. During the peaking procedures, all say check the 119 satellite while fine tuning the tilt. Since I'm only doing 99, 101 and 103, I'm not exactly sure what to do here? Do I at that point use 103 rather than 119? Or what do I do? Can someone point me to tuning procedures for SL3-S install?

5. Sort of off topic here: With a SL3 (4 wire install), without using a SWM8, can one of the 4 wires be run to a SD receiver? (I know, just 4 total tuners). Or would the SWM8 have to be used and the SD signal run from one of the legacy ports?


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1. When you place the order you can put notes for the tech.
Bring pole, cell number are good ones.

I always have poles most of the techs I work with always have them.
Cant say about whereever it is that your located.

2. The tech might do what you want you'll have to ask when he gets there.
Either way you would get an alligned dish and some wire you could work with.

3. Most likely.

4. We make the mast plumb, set the tilt as specified for that zip and don't make any adjustments. If you do the same thing with an SL5 you will find that there isn't much if any adjustment to make.

5. Either way will work. Four tuners one way eight plus the other.

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I have a question. If the OP puts in a SWM dish now, isn't there a chance that his current SD equipment won't work?

You have 9 tuners...the SWM will only run 8 tuners off an 8-way splitter. So you'll either have to delete something else or run one of your DVRs in a single tuner mode.
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