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Sharpton Sues HBO fo 1 Billion

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An outraged Rev. Al Sharpton filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Home Box Office Wednesday in New York over the network's airing of a videotape showing Sharpton discussing a cocaine deal with an undercover FBI agent.

Sharpton has said the tape, from 1983, gives a distorted view of events and claimed that a second tape will exonerate him.

HBO Sports showed a segment from the first tape on its Real Sports show Tuesday night. The pay network, though, said it hasn't seen any second tape.

"We would welcome the chance to see it," HBO Sports spokesman Ray Stalone said.

Stalone dismissed Sharpton's lawsuit as "so silly that it is unworthy of comment."

HBO played the Sharpton tape as part of a Real Sports piece about former Mafia member Michael Franzese and corruption in sports.

In the FBI tape, the agent poses a boxing promoter and South American drug dealer. The agent was allegedly trying to arrange a meeting between Franzese and boxing promoter Don King, to whom Sharpton had ties.
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BUSTED!!! :angel: :blush:
Sharpton is a joke. He wants to run for president. Corrupt politicians would be in paradise if they had this clown at the top.

This tape could seriously damage his chances at becoming President. :rolleyes:

First reaction:

Al Sharpton is an idiot!

Second reaction:

I haven't seen the tape, and I haven't seen the "fill in" of the tape. As a matter of fact, all I've heard is second hand information about a drug deal and Al Sharpton.

Third reaction:

Al Sharpton is an idiot! But for other reasons.
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