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Showtime Networks presents Street Time, a gritty, hard-edged drama series produced for Showtime by Columbia TriStar Domestic Television.

The series, which premieres June 23 at 10 p.m. EST, takes a realistic look at the Federal parole system from the perspectives of both parole officers and parolees. Street Time stars Rob Morrow ("Quiz Show," "Northern Exposure" and Showtime's "The Thin Blue Lie"), Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue," "Gilmore Girls," "Gotti") and Erika Alexander ("Living Single"). Oscar-winning actor Red Buttons guest stars as an aging but still savvy ex-con.

Rob Morrow portrays Kevin Hunter, a parolee, who after five years in a federal penitentiary, is trying to reconnect with his wife and son while at the same time fighting the lure of the lifestyle that led to his imprisonment. Scott Cohen plays James Liberti, a parole officer who, while attempting to control the lives of Kevin Hunter and other parolees, must deal with a personal addiction that threatens to spin his own life out of control. Erika Alexander is Dee Mulhern, a street-wise parole officer whose wisdom was gained the hard way.

From SkyRetailer (Used with Permission)
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