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Showtime HD not working

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Anybody else having this problem? My Showtime HD hasn't worked since Thursday. I get the satellite signal lost error screen.

On Saturday I tried to unplug the box and reboot it to see if that would fix it. And it did for a while. Then I lost signal on all channels. It would continually try to get signal, would nearly get one, only to start over again. Sometimes it would get to the guide download screen only to get stuck there.

After another unplugging again I got all the channels back except Showtime HD once again. Sometimes it won't come on at all, sometimes it goes in and out.

This is only on my 622. The other SD boxes work fine and never lost signal during any of this.
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Next step is to call your programming provider, i.e. Dish.
Jim5506 said:
Next step is to call your programming provider, i.e. Dish.
I already did that. They won't do anything unless I pay a fee and there's no way in hell I'm doing that when I already pay them 200 dollars a month. That's insane. I pay them to receive Showtime. I shouldn't have to pay them again just to make it work.
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