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I was impatient....but my (personal opinion) comments below about the content of the preview (the first day, anyway) stand.

Personal Opinion ---> I looked ahead to the end of the day and wasn't very impressed with the offerings during the preview. I thought the premium channels ususally brought out their "big guns" for the previews. Just a matter of taste, of course, but what I see for Friday wouldn't convince me to add the package.


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The premier of the new Showtime Sci-Friday series Odyssey 5 is on Friday.

Showtime has not had a competative movie slate in a LOOOOONG time.

US 0, Germany 1

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Thanks for the reminder......I had forgotten about it.

I've got HBO and Cinemax free for 6 months, personally I think HBO is the best, I 've kinda liked the prgramming STARZ has.
After the end of my 6 months I might go with HBO/Starz

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I'm always disappointed with the free previews, too.
There might be one thing we really like during the
entire preview. Once it was even unique and original
to that premium service (HBO - Stomp!).

We really can't justify spending that much on something
we would watch only on rare occasions. They say
ExpressVu offers good premium packages (one for
the east and another for the west).

I guess I'm just not that much of a movie fan.
I don't really want to see every movie
made after 1965, the good, the bad, and the
ugly, over and over again.

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Yeah, it was a bummer that they didn't include Sundance, the only channel worth paying for in the entire Showtime lineup, but did include Flix, the sad Sundance wannabe.

Well, I say Tomb Raider and Mission Impossible 2 this weekend, which pretty much tides me over until the next free preview 3 months from now.

-Lyle J.P.

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Only movie I watched was Bless The Child, great movie! Other then that it was just another boring free preview.
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