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Signal Question

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Hey guys, I have a question. Are different signals affected by rain/clouds more than others?

I had my dish re-aligned a few months ago and was consistently in the mid 90s across the board (on the ones that matter, mind you.)

I am experiencing a severe storm right now and lost signal. I'm bored so I decided I would check out my levels and here's what I've found:

On 101: right now, mid 60s to 70s

110: mid 70s

119: mid 70s

99 (c): 0s across the board

103 (ca): 0s across the board

103 (cb): 0s across the board

Just thought it was odd that everything was in the mid 90s before and a storm SEEMS to have caused me to lose signal more severely on different transponders.

Is this possible or do I have a bigger problem?

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101 uses ku band, 99 and 103 use ka. ka is more susceptible to rain fade.
Yes, KA signals (99 and 103) attenuate much more from rain than KU (101,110,119).

Many, many thanks guys. Good to know, was afraid I had others satellite issues.
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