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Signal Strenght: Audio Feedback

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This may sound strange but for some reason I don't have that annoying signal strength audio feedback? My TV is all the way up, I did try to use RCA and HDMI cables, I did reset my system several times but its not working at all. I have HD-DVR - HR21-700.

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Drew2k said:
whynot - The audio strength signal doesn't work on the HR2x line of DVRs. For some reason, DIRECTV never enabled the sound output. No one here knows why, so rest assured that there's nothing else to try ... you just have to rely on the on screen signal levels if you're manually aligning your dish.

(There's also hand-held equipment to report signal strength aligning dishes, but I don't have much info to share about that.)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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