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Signal Strenghts H21 vs HR21

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Is it normal to see higher signal strenghts on my H21 vs my HR 21?

On my H21 I get signal strenghts that are about 6-10 points higher across the board on all satts when compared to my HR21.

Are the HR21's known to have a weaker signal strength?

Tx for any input :)
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I've been seeing this a lot lately. The H21's always have a higher signal.
My HR21 has much lower signal readings than my HR20. Kind of weird why D would not make them read the same.

Higher readings on my H21 vs. my HR21.
So when it rains do you guys think that its actually more likely that you would lose your signal alot quicker on the HR21 vs the H21? Or is it just the software showing a lower signal when the signal is actually equal to the H21?

In other words is the tuner in the HR21 actually recieving a lower signal than the H21? Or is it more of a software issue where the HR21 is just simply giving an innacurate signal measurement?
the HR21 new firmware will have a fix for the signal levels
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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