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Signup with Dish Direct or 3rd Party Installer

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I've seen some old threads on this but wanted to see if advice had changed.

I'm a DirecTV subscriber since 1997 but thinking of switching to Dish to take advantage of the first year's savings. I also miss G4TV.

I get plenty of Dish offers in the mail and my phone company will bundle Dish with my phone and internet and give me a $200 Amazon gift card. My phone companies web portal shows the Hopper as available but doesn't even let me order Joey's but I assume I could call them and get them added.

So should all the pricing match or is it better to go with Dish direct?

And another question. When watching on a Joey can I pause live TV?

Thanks for any and all help!
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You may get a better deal with an independent dealer, but you need to be careful as there are some (not really a lot) of independents that will take advantage of you such as promising you many things and not delivering. If you chose to use one, check with places like the Better Business Bureau to verify them. The safe choice would always be dealing with Dish directly, but you would never get some items such as a $200 Amazon Gift Card.
Am also considering switching from DirecTV to Dish. Never had Dish before. I have an advanced home A/V system, and thus the "standard" offers from Dish don't quite work for me. I would need two Hoppers, no Joeys. Can a DIRT member here help craft a package offer? Or is the best bet to call Dish's 1-800 number and see what a CSR can do? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm less hopeful about calling up a local installer and asking for a packaged best-deal offer that would work for me.
There have been post's where the csr's have not given the 2 Hopper only setup. To save time and frustration, I would pm a DIRT member for your order/install.
Or - you could get 2 hoppers and however many Joeys Dish gives free and then the next day deactivate the Joeys and send them back.
I did PM a DIRT member here a couple days ago, but haven't heard back.

Jim, would that work, with the Joeys?
Yes it would, contract would not be affected as long as you don't return all the equipment.
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