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Simplest way to distribute HD to several tv's

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I would like to distribute the HDMI signal from a 722 to other tv's nearby. Is there a distribution amp that allows this? How does it work?
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There are products to do this, but they are fairly expensive, because they are more than just splitters/amplifiers. They also have to support HDCP encryption and perform a hardware "handshake" between each connection.

Google "hdmi splitter amplifier" for a number of options.
How about this one.

1X4 Powered HDMI Splitter


With the HDMI distribution Amplifier, you can display identical image on four(4) displays from one(1) source equipment with HDMI port.

Connect One HDMI sources to up to four HDTV display devices
Maintains 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions
Maintains highest HDMI single link video resolution and digital audio signal
Supports HDCP compliant devices
HDMI or DVI-HDMI cables are used to connect to the input and splitter outputs
Active output channels are displayed on the front panel LED's, which are automatically activated when a cable is connected to the corresponding output.
Can be connected in series with a Monoprice HDTV HDMI switcher for connection of multiple sources to multiple display devices.

Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 1.65Gbps
Input Video Signal: 1.3Vp-pMax
Input Connector Type: HDMI 19pin
Output Connector Type: HDMI 19pin
Power Consumption: 6W Max
Power Supply: 6VDC, 2A
Dimensions: 220*120*23(mm)

Package Contents
HDMI splitter
Power Supply
User Manual

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I have the monoprice
4 X 2 HDMI powered
switch//splitter. Distributes four HDMI devices to 2 TVs. Works very well. Can show the same input on two TVs or two different inputs on 2 TVs. You are able to switch between input flawlessly using the remote. Can change all four inputs on either TV using the remote.
It seems this is a pretty simple project, but somewhat costly. Has anyone tried this with a 722 or 222?
I dont have the brand that my friend used, but he attempted to use an HDMI spiltter he got from Fry's for a little over $100, and it was totally unstable (sometimes it would work, sometimes not). I know he exchanged it thinking it was defective, but the 2nd one did the same thing. He ultimately used y-barrel rca jacks and two RGB component w/audio cables - one for each additional TV.
bnewt said:
I would like to distribute the HDMI signal from a 722 to other tv's nearby. Is there a distribution amp that allows this? How does it work?
Several companies have started advertising their wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver systems that will be available late this year.

The ones I've looked at will all work with any receiver that has an HDMI output. The various models support from 2 to 4 extra TVs but the early models will be expensive, up to a $1000.

The only advantage I see is to be able to watch the same HD program from several locations since the 622/722 only have one HD output.

Might be simplier to get one or two more HD receivers from DISH, for now anyway.
The HDMI splitter form Monoprice is completely stable. Never any problem.
Never and loss of signal or pixelization.
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