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Simpson's Nearing the End??

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The end may be near for the highly popular animated series "The Simpsons", reports The Financial Times.

"Simpsons" creator Matt Groening has admitted increased difficulty in coming up with new and surprising story-lines for the show's characters.

"It becomes increasingly difficult as the years go by to keep on not only surprising the audience, but surprising ourselves," Groening told the Financial Times. "I think we are closer to winding it up."

Another factor in the possible cancellation of "The Simpsons" is the lack of involvement Groening has in the show, which has been steadily declining over the years.

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It is amazing how The Simpons can be around for so long and still be funny! Even though the report is false, I wouldn't be surprised if The Simpsons comes to an end in the next couple of years. It would be similar to the way Seinfeld ended - stepping out of the scene on a high note.
I never have found The Simpsons to be anything more than annoying. I like "King of the Hill" myself. :)
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