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Sirius XM CSR Story

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Since other CSR threads are 3 years old, I'll start a current one.

Understand I have XM built in to the car from the factory. It's tied to my Nav system so I can get optional Nav Traffic and XM Weather. The Weather service is quite bad so never continued it after the free trial.

Following Isaac, every time I start the car I get a Severe Weather Warning on my dash. Considering the weather has been outstanding for past 5 days, this is an annoyance.

Now I think it may be because my county has Flood Warnings but it says Severe Weather with no other info.

Me: Hi XM can you turn off my weather warnings. I don't subscribe to the service
XM: Let me check your account
Me: OK, check my account
XM: You don't have the weather service so you can't get weather warnings. Would you like to add it?
Me: No I would not. But I do get the warnings so you can you stop it please.
XM: You can't get the warnings because you don't pay for it.
Me: But I do get them, please make them stop
XM: I can't make them stop because you don't get them.
Me: Supervisor please
XM Sup: How may I help you?
Me: Go through the above a few times
XM Sup: Take your car to the dealer and have them fix it.

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They keep bugging me to subscribe on my new car. I keep telling them the radio cuts out several times an hour on flat open road (trial sub), and they said I should take it to the dealer. I did, and they said it was XMs fault. I dont have days to spend at the dealer (it is a radio problem, not an XM problem) fixing something Ill probably never subscribe to. I already have a lifetime XM sub on my Xmp3i and it plugs right into the jack on the radio. Why pay twice.
NR4P said:
What happens when the XMP3i dies? What happens to your subscription?
Transfers to another radio for a small fee. Had the Xmp3i stolen out of my work truck two months ago, and bought another, and they transferred it with no fee after faxing them a copy of the police report.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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