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For Christmas I bought my kids (9&6) the Skylanders game and 1 character for each element.

I don't know anything about the game, but had heard it was a great game and figured my kids would love it.

Well, they loved it right away.

But, my 9 year old tells me last week that they finished the game.

I said "What do you mean, finished it?", and he said that they made it through all 20 something levels to the end of the game and that was it.

Now, they haven't played it since, but have been playing some of their other games that they've had for a long time.

Is anyone familiar with this game? Does it really only have 20 some levels? When you get through the game is that it? I've read that the game has done very well and in fact, the characters are very hard to find now. But, why? It seems that as long as you have one from each element, you can win the game. Why would you need more.

What are my kids overlooking/missing? There's got to more to the game, right?
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Never played the game, but I've heard that there are areas that are only unlockable if you have a certain character.
Yes, I've heard that too. Maybe I shouldn't have started him with a character from each type of element.
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