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txsportsman said:
I have a SL3 dish with one output and wanted to add an off the air antenna to my system, since some local channels are missing. I have a SWM system with the HD25 receiver and the zinwell msplit8r1-03 splitter. Thanks
I believe that it is more correct to say that DirecTV NO LONGER supports diplexing Sat and OTA.
SD/Ku: Supported OTA integration/diplexing.
HD/Ka: Overlapped lower-UHF band. Even though HR20 had an integrated OTA tuner, DirecTV expects that user will run a second coax.
SWM: Introduction of SWM5 and SWM8 units (overlapped band stacked/conflict removed). SWM8 has built-in OTA diplexed input (conclude that OTA diplexing is again supported.
SWM16 or SWM Dish: No built-in provision for OTA diplexing.
DECA: Back to overlapped band.

I have all 4-outputs on an SL5 connected to a pair of SWM8's (2 outputs to each), via an E2-Expander with a single PI powering both SWM8's. I also have a single (attic installed... as is all of the SWM equipment) omni-directional OTA antenna connected to each SWM8 OTA INPUT PORT (OTA output split via 1X2 to provide for both SWM8's).
The diplexed output on each SWM8 is fed into a 1X4 splitter, for a total of 8 outputs, 7 of which feed HDDVR's, the Sat and OTA diplexed out at the HDDVR's. (The diplexers are ugly, but less so than the pre-SWM8 BBC's, and certainly less than a second coax).
The remaining output, I have connected directly (no receiver) to the input on a little used guest room HDTV for OTA reception only (no diplexer required).

4 of the DVR's are VOD-connected through wifi extenders.
I do not need WHV since all rooms have dedicated DVR's (HR20's and HR21's), so I have no plans to implement DECA.
Newer subs, especially with the introduction of the HR34, cannot comprehend the DVR redundancy, but this was the way it was done back then.
This installation may be crude compared to today's technology but was the best (only) solution for 16-tuner, networked, OTA-diplexed capabilty, 6 years ago, and I keep it because it is still (by far) the simplest solution versus implementing the latest equipment.

Note: There are also "legacy" output ports on the SWM8, but these are NOT OTA diplexed, and I have not used these outputs for ~ 5 years after deactivating the last of the old (Sony A50/B50) equipment.

Would I recommend diplexing OTA, while taking advantage of the latest (DECA, etc.) technology?
If you can figure out what to do and can install it without any assistance, and this includes asking others on this forum (goes w/o saying DirecTV will be zero help), then yes, otherwise get some (powered) rabbit ears, bypass the SWM, and connect those directly to the receiver.
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