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SL3 - Not really needed?

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On my H20 receiver, I've decided to give "Slimline 3" settings a try even though I have Slimline 5 lnbs. After going through the setup, it seems to work alright. Will it "really" work alright? Can I place the dish back to where I wanted it in the first place with just line of sight to those three satellites (99, 101, 103)? The reason it was moved was because of poor line of sight to 110 and 119 due to a huge tree on the "right side". If I hear that I should be alright, then I'll proceed moving the dish back there but if I hear I can't, then I guess I'll have to save up some money to buy the SL3 LNB's.
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I've read here there will be a problem with the guide. The SL3 LNB uses something different to tell it to get data only from the 101 and yours still tries to get it from the 119 and simply switching this on the receiver won't fix that. I've read though if you simply set both tuners to tape a show off the 101 at night though that pulls the guide from the 101 and you should be fine.
The guide data is the issue. With Slimline 3 set as your option, but with a slimline 5 dish actually there, the receiver will be expecting to see 101w Ku signals in the stack all the time, including whenever the 22khz tone is set, such as when you have a 103w Ka channel tuned in. However, the 5LNB will actually be sending 110/119 signals down the stack when the 22khz tone is used, and the receiver will think they are from 101. Unless DTV uses the same exact transponder and coding sequence for the guide data on 101w and 119w, then the receiver would not find the guide data it is looking for. At least I believe that is how it works!
The SL3 sends 101 plus 103 when the 22 kHz tone is present and 101 plus 99 when it is absent. That way, the guide data on 101 is always present. If you have a SWM, the 101 guide data is always there (using a dedicated SWM channel), independent of which LNB is used.
No, if you do not have LOS for 110/119 then the best option is to try and get an SL3. Fortunately, they are becoming more available but they are still the exception rather than the rule.
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