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Anybody ever hear of it? I was listening to a local sports-talk radio show here in Akron this morning when SlamBall was brought up.

Pat Croce, former President of the 76ers basketball team is involved in some kind of joint venture developing a new extreme sport. The difference between this and others like skateboarding, mountainbiking, etc is that this is a pure team sport.

It's supposed to be somewhat of a combination of hockey and basketball. It's played on an NBA-regulation sized court. I believe there is a three-point arc as well. The entire floor is spring-loaded to offer more flexibility to the players' jumping ability. Also there are trampolines placed for big-air moves to the goal.

It's full contact and also has a goalie. Two 8-minute halfs make up the game.

From what was being talked about, it's supposed to premier (I believe) on Saturday on a CNN sister station. The are going to have five more events across the nation and this is supposed to possibly lead up to a true professional league.

Sounds kind of interesting - especially for somebody who likes hard hitting & high flying all condensed into less than a half-hour.

Anybody else have info?
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