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My first post here. I have ordered my D* upgraded to HD DVR and they told me I would be getting the HR-21-700.

I have a living room Non HD receiver now the has the plain old coaxial Sat in and then I am using composite out to the HD TV (I will use HDMI when new unit arrives). However, there is also a TV OUT coaxial connection that I am using to run three other Non HD TVs.

My question is there is not a TV out coaxial connection on the HR-21. How do you guys slave out of this unit to feed the other Non HD TVs?

I know that the other non HD TVs watch what is on the receiver so that has never been a problem since we have a seperate unit in the bedroom.

D* is telling me I need to retain one of my old units, hook it up and slave the rest off that old unit but that will cost me another $4.99 / Month which I would like to avoid. There telling me that if I try to hook non HD Tvs to this unit the picture will be no good.

Thanks for any help,

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You will need a simple RF modulator from Radio Shack, Wal Mart, Target, etc. It will take the audio and video signals from the rear of the new satellite receiver and modulate those to ch 3 or 4 (switch select) TV channels. You can do the same thing if you have an old VCR with A/V inputs and ch3/4 outputs.

And, yes, you can use those outputs from the receiver at the same time you have it connected to the HD TV - receiver outputs are all active at the same time.
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