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Slimline 5

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Hi Guys

Whats the diff between Slimline 5 and Directv New SWM 5LNB
why am asking because Directv installer told me i got to change my old Slimline5 but did not say why :confused:
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I have not installed Directv yet. Looking to make sure I install only the latest and greatest.

What does the Directv New SWM 5LNB offer over the previous, and if this is the most current technology, how do I make sure thats what I get from Directv when I order?

Planning on using with a whole house dvr set up and 3 hd receivers. So it looks like the most current tech is HR24 and H24 for these, respectively. Sounded like the HR34 was overkill and navigation not as snappy as HR24. I have a house wired with a cat 6 network, and RG6 home runs to each receiver, so this has to be a pretty easy install. Also would like a nomad... how much are these to add on, both in terms of upfront and ongoing cost?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the speedy and detailed reply... much appreciated. I would like to pull the trigger on this sooner rather than later, although my gut tells me between the HR24 and H24s prime for an upgrade and the rumors that Apple may be working with DTV to release its TV product with DTV, I have a feeling I'll be regretting doing this 6 mos from now! I have just had too many issues with Time Warner Cable to stay with them.

A few follow up questions below:

HoTat2 said:
Both the 3 and 5 LNB (single output) SWiM LNBs has the SWiM multi-switch integrated into the LNB housing itself as opposed to the previous (4 output) legacy ones that had to use an external SWiM switch for single wire installs.

And when it comes to the dish at least, its safe to say DIRECTV will always use the latest in technology they have to offer.

Short of the HR34 HMC the HR24 and H25 is the most current, and you should receive those for a new installation, but there are no guarantees. You get what's on the technicians' truck.

I would put in my contract that they are not to proceed with the install unless I can be guaranteed the HR24 and H24.

Actually given what the HR34 was intended for, one central home server feeding multiple tuner-less STB clients, some argue the HR34's 5 tuners are under-kill :). And I'd say the HR34 is as fast as the HR24, just its software not as mature yet with some quirky bugs.

With that level of pre-wiring, it certainly should, though for WH installs, the cat 6 network will not be used. Only the RG-6 coax runs via DECA signaling.

I have read posts here where some try to avoid DECA for some reason. I have no idea what it is or why they would say it. Since to my knowledge the HR24 and H24s all have ethernet plus (apparently the H25 does not, and not sure if there is such an animal as the HR25 yet), seems strange that this couldn't be used. I have a gigabit router, so it should be very fast.

One time charge of $150.00 for the nomad unit. No monthly fee, self-install.

At that price and based on reviews I've read, I think I'll pass. It sounds like they still don't have a true iPad app yet. Curious if I bought a nomad second hand from someone who no longer wants theirs, if I could use that on my Directv account... i.e., does DTV require that you buy it from them to activate functionality?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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