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Slimline Mount: Pipe on Pipe?

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Hey folks,

The tower is up and the new gear will be installed real soon now.

The tower is a DMX tower and I'm thinking of placing the dish about 10' or so up (stepladder height). My tower guy told me not to U bolt anything to the legs (to avoid denting the leg, thereby weakening the tower). Kinda tosses the idea of using a plate across two legs to form a hard surface on which to mount the dish.

Question then, what do you suggest for securing the dish to the tower leg?

I've been thinking of two options (see attached sketches):

1. mount it (the foot of the mast) directly onto the outer edge of the leg with a square U bolt around the backside of the leg (shouldn't deform the leg). Since the face of the leg is flat (about 1.5"), I don't think it's going anywhere.

2. take a pair of vent mounting brackets, invert the outer bracket so it fits inside the DMX tower leg and use those to hold a short section of pipe (vertically). Then, mount a mast or plate or something to that short pipe. The problem there is, the tower leg is not vertically plumb (the tower tapers to the top) so I'd need some kind of adjustable pipe mount. I'd probably want the "gator" type clamps if I went this route - suggestions for the type of supplier to contact for these?

Or, is there a third option I've not considered?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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The few I have done on towers were installed by using 2x6 lumber and bolts .
All thread is just as good. The idea is to run the threaded material through lumber on the outside and inside of an area of the tower frame. Crank down on the bolts (with washers) until the lumber deforms. Then mount the dish on the lumber.

I have seen warnings about no welds or drilling of tower members but the lumber crunches down on the tower;seems to work much like your plan 1.0.

Trim the wood after everything is tight. Use treated lumber. Spray gray if you want to be fancy. Avoid blocking any climbing route. Use conduit near the ground (weed eater area). Quick tie cables inside the tower.

I think you can ground the dish to the tower.

I may have solved my own Q. I was looking at the stock steel at home depot today, thinking "there must be a way to cobble this stock into a mount". Then it hit me.
Aluminum angle bracket is very rigid. If I took two pieces of that and bolted it across two tower legs, in and outside, using pieces of 3/8" threaded stainless rod, leaving 10" or so protruding out one end, I can mount the foot of the mast directly onto (the top of) these protruding angle brackets. Lightweight, metal, non-corroding, stiff and strong.


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