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I got up on the roof to caulk around one the tube to flange junction of one of those myriad vents sticking up out of the roof because it started leaking a year and 1/2 after the house was built. Looks like it was never done in the first place so it's a wonder this vent never leaked before. :grrr:

Anyway, the roof was a lot steeper than I anticipated and I started wondering what I'd gotten myself into. Got the sealing job done before the rain started and scooted back to the ladder on my butt. Thing is, it's much easier to get off of a ladder onto the roof than to get on the ladder from the roof. Because of the steep slope of this roof and bad knees I was having trouble getting turned around and placing my foot on the first rung without slipping. :eek2:

Good thing the Slimline was mounted nearby! I worked the ladder over by the dish a little at a time being careful not to screw up the flexible feet on the bottom and to keep it on the sidewalk. Then I could use the dish mounting braces to aid in getting off the roof and on to the ladder. :D

From now on right next to the slimline will be my roof access point. :)
It makes a great roof access aid.
(And my alignment is still good)

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Uh-huh. If you'd fallen off that roof or ladder, you'd have become seriously out-of-alignment. (Mental image of the guy on the ladder falling backward in the AFLAC commercial....) :nono2: Knees would have been the least of your problems. I've erected lots of towers, but there are roof slopes that are definitely a "no go" for me!

Getting back on ladders is psychologically challenging sometimes. It just doesn't feel right to get back on them the same way you got off of them. It really helps to have someone securing the base of the ladder for safely getting back on the things.

See the thread Be Careful on Ladders. Sometimes even the bottom of the ladder can "get you." :(
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