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Sling broken, Dirt help?

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Are there any DIRT folks around? My sling on my 722 has stopped working - happened at the worst time, while I was on the road. Came home and tested: the light does not come on when I plug it in (and I tried both USB ports) and no message on the TV when I plug it in.

I tested the USB ports themselves by plugging in my external USB HD, and it works just fine, so it is the Sling. Hard to see what could go wrong with it, since it looks like a thin solid metal slab! But it definitely is no longer working.

I am asking for DIRT help just because I called and got someone who was quite nice but their accent was so strong I simply could not understand them.

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Ray [email protected] Network said:
Please PM me your account number and verify your 4 digit PIN number so I can review sending a replacement Sling Adapter. Please let me know. Thanks.
I am guilty of complaining here about some DIsh issues, but the tech support is second to none. Seriously.

Will do, Ray, thanks for the VERY quick response.
Great response from DIRT but FWIW the Sling apparently only has a one year warranty. Argh! ;)
boba said:
On electronics a 1 year warranty is quite good, what are you expecting a 100,000 mi warranty? I see no reason a manufacturer has to replace something that has outlived a 1 year warranty. That is what retail stores are for, replacing worn out products.:):):)
Ohm, just frustrating to have to throw something like a sling away after a little over a year.
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