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I usually don't use the search tool on my hr22/100 because it just doesn't work well. If I just do a smart search for movies/dramas it returns a huge list, mostly of movies on channels I don't get or on ppv. So, I am trying boolean searches for the first time. The problem I am having is that the searches take very long, over 3 minutes. I want to locate all the upcoming free movies, which seems like a fairly reasonable thing to want. So I did this search AALL MOVIE CCHAN 200 399. After about 3 minutes and 20 seconds this search gives me a nice list of mostly (but not all) movies, on channels 200-399. Then, when I select one of those movies, it takes another 3 and a half minutes for the info to come up for it. I now have over 7 minutes into checking out one movie. Is this long delay something others are experiencing? Is there a way around it?
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