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Slow HR-22

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When I input a change, such as a channel change, I often have to wait 15 or 20 seconds for the change to take effect. While waiting I get frustrated and input 4or 5 more times. Then suddenly all 5 inputs will kick in. When I call Directv, they offer some lame solution requiring me to go to Amazon to buy a replacement receiver. Or they offer to take my money, without promising what they will send me! This from what use to be a great customer service company. I've been with Directv since 1996, but I'm ready to leave.
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If they are offering you a credit for getting one on Amazon, get an HR24 from Solid Signal or Value Electronics and use the credit to replace the HR22. Being a replacement for a defective (?) unit should not extend your contract, if that is what they are telling you to do.
i think the op is stating that in order to get a specific model he needs to go online
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