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Slow trickplay on HR21 with recordings from AM21

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I now have two HR21s and have an AM21 connected to each. I've noticed a lot (but not all) of my recordings from the AM21 have very slow trickplay. If I hit FF, it will take a few seconds before the HR21 responds, then it seems to pause before it starts FF, then if I hit FF again to get to the 2x FF speed, the HR21 will again pause before engaging 2x FF. Then when I hit Play, it will come out of FF right away and start playing, but then a few seconds later, it will pause again, and then resume playing. And sometimes it doesn't even seem to respond to the remote commands (I've had to hit FF more than 5 times to get it in 1x FF speed).

Is this normal for AM21 recordings? If so, I D* aware and working on a fix?

I'm on the current NR for each HR21.
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Specifically post #8

I had the same issue and it turned out the signal strength on the OTA channel my recording was off of was really weak.
My OTA signals are very strong. My Fox signal is in the 90s on the signal meter and I have problems with some of those recordings - but not all. For instance, playback of the 9/8 Terminator was fine, but then playback of the 9/8 Prison Break (which aired directly after Terminator) was very choppy FF. I'm not sure if OTA signal strength is part of the problem or not.
I have the same problems... it is very annoying. My signals are 90%+ but the further I get into a AM21 OTA recording the slower the machine responds to any command.
My ATSC signal readings are pegged and I've had trick play issus with any program recorded via the AM21, recordings via satellite are OK. And for me this has been an ongoing issue for months.
I have those same problems with my AM21. Also when a show gets ready to go to a commercial I get these small white pixel boxes in the upper left hand screen for about a second or two before it goes to a commercial. Seems like Fox is the worst for me.
Glad to see this is not just me. I get these trickplay problems on shows recorded on both my strongest OTA (FOX - 90s signal strength) and weakest (ABC - 70s signal strength). I hope D* is working on a fix.
I've had the exact same problem since I joined about a month ago. Its only with the OTA recordings. I record a lot of NBC and its signal strength is near 100%. Not sure what the problem is but sometimes it seems to be quicker to just watch the commercials.
Whoever said earlier this may have something to do with the specific signal coming from a specific local channel may be on to something. I have been testing and noticing that while my local NBC OTA recordings are a disaster with trick play, the local CBS affiliate recordings are not so bad. He said there were certain anomalies that could be imbedded in the transmitter's signal that play havoc with the trick play's requirement for precise signal marker codes.
My experience is that it's fairly random. I recorded both Terminator (8PM) and Prison Break (9PM) on FOX on 9/8 and the Terminator recording had no trickplay issues, while the Prison Break recording had the trickplay problems. I doubt anything happened exactly at 9PM in the OTA signal that I was recording from that caused the issues in Prison Break while Terminator was fine.
I am also having this happen. It makes trying to watch an OTA recording painful and frustrating. My 9/5 Terminator is really bad. When I push skip, the picture freezes for ~60 seconds, then responds to the command. Every command causes this ~60 second freeze before the command is executed. So, once I get the recording to fast forward, I can't get it to stop, and so on and so on.
Let's hope D* addresses this in the next national software release.
Indiana627 said:
Let's hope D* addresses this in the next national software release.
Hasn't been fixed in the current CE yet.
RAD said:
Hasn't been fixed in the current CE yet.
:( :( :(
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