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OK it bothers me to have to make this post as I have recently posted that our HR20 has performed exceptionally well, especially when considered with other users problems. And no it is still not a POS:)

Since 1/1/07 we have begun to see some performance issues. My wife has had a couple of unwatchable recordings. Problem well documented here so for now we wait for fixes.

But a new problem as far as I can tell although maybe similar to others is recording and playback of D* HD material. I have recorded a few movies and one show from HD Net and from Disc HD that are practically unwatchable with signal break up.

First movie was odd and disappointing but again as a varient no big deal. 2nd Movie started to suspect. Upon further testing my signals are perfect and results the same whether HDMI or component.
But what I have found is no signal loss while watching "live". I can even watch "live" while reocrding and have no loss. Upon playing back that show from Palylist signal loss/ breakup. No problems playing back previously recorded HD Material from before 1/1/07.
Also no problems with HD OTA recordings.

So becomming concerned that I will have to join the masses with problems...then this morning.

Wake up and power up TV an HR20 from stand by. I hear audio from the channel it was left on (OTA HD from Fox from last nights game) but I see a screen full of SNOW. Pure old fashioned no signal snow. Sammy did not report loss of signal from the source so it would appear this was generating from the HR20.
Tried to change channel in case it was a channel specific. Channeled up a couple times with no response.

Did a full power cut reset to return to normal operation which was two channels up as it returned. Seems otherwise fine since.

I haven't seen this issue before. Earl? Anyone else? We haven't had the BSB exactly like others have described but the unwatchable recordings are new to us. So wondering if this is a 10b issue even though the first week went fine with it. Do I have hardware concern at all?

Any help or sympathy is appreciated but I hope this gets back to D* and maybe we just all need a Oxf fix:)

Fortunately my wife although disappointed with the hD aspect continues to record back up on upstairs D*Tivo so she is taking it better than I as I am starting to become more concerned.
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