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SNY-HD: No guide data beyond tomorrow

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The guide data for SNY-HD (625) starting tomorrow says "This channel is moving to 639", but yet channel 639 doesn't exist. so i can't set up any recordings at all on this channel. normally D* has been good about getting the replacement channel up and running before removing the guide data from the old channel. what gives here?!?
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No, they havent been good at it at all for the sports channel transitions. This problem happens every other week, it is just a different person here notices it because it winds up being an RSN that is important to them.
Probably because it is the off-season for MSG sports right now. I have noticed it almost every other week and there have been other posts here about other channels.

I think they did it wrong. Should have moved the existing channel and, if they wanted a banner to tell people they went to the wrong spot, put up a new channel where the old one was for a week or so. That way favorites and to do items and series links would track.
Last week, I noticed that searches still found the old channels even when the guide said that it was moving. There should be some overlap and you may be able to record from that.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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