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SNY HD Now In Dolby Digital 5.1

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While watching the Mets-Padres game tonight, I noticed the blue light on my audio receiver...so it appears that SNY HD is now broadcasting in DD 5.1.

Cool...this puts them on the same level as YES...I had hoped they would go that route.

I'll give it a chance...but so far, I don't hear the crowds in the rear speakers. They need to work on that. YES does a good job with the surround scenario (and I'm a Met fan ;) ).
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rkish said:
YES does a good job with the surround scenario
You wouldn't also be a M&MD fan, would you? Bad job by me having to ask.
Nope...not a Maddog fan ;)

Just watched the Mets/Bucs game. Looks like they've got the 5.1 figured out. Heard the crowds from the rear speakers, announcers from the front/center, plus front right and left.
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