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So, I'm confused. Sunday Ticket Issues.

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I've had Sunday Ticket for the last 2 or 3 years, so I got my June Bill and it said "Sunday Ticket renewal-no charge" and Superfan renewal-no charge, etc...

I'm thinking, no biggie. I wasn't going to continue to get it unless I get Superfan free.

So, on my July bill there was NOTHING about ST or SF. August bill, same thing..>NOTHING about either one.

So, I check out my account online, and it says I have no sports subs. (though I've had ST, SF, and March Madness in the last year).

Channel 107 says I'm authorized.

I emailed them to "verify I would be getting Sunday Ticket at the special renewal rate and would have Superfan for free". They emailed me back saying to call them because they have no record of me being subscribed to ST.

What do you do? I'm having less and less confidence in DTV lately.
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There are some glitches in their computer system that I've encountered from time to time. At least 3 times over the last 11 years, either when moving or changing packages, I've lost the Sunday Ticket from my account. This just happened to me in June when I (finally;)) switched to HD.

All I've ever had to do was call and have a CSR look at my account. They can see that I've had it in past seasons and they've always added it back on with no hassle other than having to spend a few minutes on the phone while they get the system straightened out.

Just call. I'll bet it will be made right for you.
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